Clay Shaw

Black Belt

Clay Shaw has had a lifelong interest in martial arts. In 1996, Clay earned the rank of black belt in freestyle Karate under John Kuhnemann. Always looking for the next challenge, he began training BJJ in that same year with Ken Dunstan. Clay has sought out opportunities to constantly improve his skills and knowledge as a BJJ practitioner and instructor. Clay used those experiences to develop his eclectic expression of BJJ that focuses constantly on improving position. Since 2009, he has instructed at a number of academies in South East Queensland and has earned his outstanding reputation as a BJJ instructor. Clay received his BJJ black belt from Vince Perry (with John Will) on April 11th, 2015. In addition to his martial arts credentials, Clay is also a CrossFit Level 2 trainer.

Clay on teaching and training BJJ:

“Get the concepts right and the details will work themselves out. Treat training like a science experiment – see what works and what doesn’t.”